Our Story

We believe our rugs are meaningful because of the
kindness of the people behind them

It all started when I purchased the first hand knotted Afghan rug for my house. I anxiously waited for its arrival from the country of its origin, Afghanistan.
As soon as I opened the package, I was enchanted by the beauty of the gorgeous art piece. The more I looked at it, the more I was drawn to it. I could genuinely feel the spirit of the rug.
My search to own this beautiful piece had taken me a long awaited 6 months and many visits to the rug selling shops in Houston, Texas and a lot of online browsing. I was blessed to finally buy it from an Afghan rug seller in Kabul. What I noticed in my very first visit to a luxury rug shop here in Houston was that rugs were not sold like other art pieces. They were treated 100 percent commercially, just like all the other machine made furniture pieces. That upset me very much.

A hand knotted rug isn’t just a machine made aesthetic furniture, it is an art piece. It brings spirit as well as timeless beauty to a home. All hand knotted rugs can live much more than humans and they carry a story with them. The story of the people who create them. Their feelings and thoughts are woven into the rugs. The nature’s soul is intertwined in the rugs since they are made of Ghazni wool, a soft and incredibly durable wool that is also the only type in the world that is hand spun and vegetable dyed. There is no other art work that is more ancient or labour intensive than hand knotted Afghan rug production. Afghans are historically known for their heartfelt kindness and generosity and their masterpiece rugs tell you just that.

I decided to import Afghan rugs and invite Americans to enjoy the Timeless Beauty and Heartfelt Kindness within these magnificent art pieces. Therefore I partnered with Mr Ibrahim, the very first man from whom I purchased my first rug. He owns several rug production factories across Afghanistan. His passion for his job is truly praise worthy. He is an honest man and he cares for his workers. That becomes evident in his rugs. They carry comfort, serenity and joy with them.

10 percent of the purchase price is gifted to the artisans who create the rugs. After all the ones who present us with kindness deserve to be treated with kindness too.